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The Top 5 Factors That Impact Property Valuation

property valuation illustration

Property value is the difference between the amount a buyer is prepared to pay for a property and the figure that the seller is prepared to accept. Property valuation is a complex process that involves assessing various factors to determine the market value of a property.

The team from MoveWise Estate Agency takes a look at five of the top factors that can impact the value of a home. 

The Location of the Property

The location of a property is undoubtedly the most significant factor influencing its value. Properties in desirable neighbourhoods, close to essential amenities, public transport, schools, and local infrastructure command higher valuations. A prime location enhances the property's appeal to a wider range of potential buyers, boosting its marketability and ultimately its selling price.

The Size of the Property

While location plays a crucial role, the size of a property is a major consideration and also plays an important part in determining its value. Generally, larger homes with more living space, bedrooms, and bathrooms tend to get higher valuations. 

The Condition of the Property

The condition of a property directly impacts its perceived value. Well-maintained homes with modern amenities, such as updated kitchens, bathrooms, and energy-efficient systems, typically receive higher valuations than properties in need of extensive repairs. A property in excellent condition shows potential buyers it has been given care and attention and that it is a worthwhile investment.

The Age of the Property

A house that needs extensive renovations or repairs due to age won’t have as much value as a new home. The age of a property can therefore significantly impact its valuation. So while older properties may offer historical charm and character, they may also require more extensive repairs or updates to meet modern standards and appeal to more potential buyers. Buyers often consider the structural integrity of a home, assessing its overall condition and potential lifespan.

The Local Property Market 

Local market conditions play a significant role in determining property values. If there is a limited supply of available properties in an area with high demand, prices tend to rise, reflecting the increased competition among buyers. On the other hand, if supply exceeds demand, prices may stay the same or even decline. Understanding market trends and conditions is essential for accurately valuing a property.

To be sure your property is priced correctly, contact MoveWise Estate Agency for professional property valuation services. We provide expert estate services throughout Scotland.